domenica 12 novembre 2017


 NOVEMBER, rider Max. Diano Marina.
Photo shooted after a magic windsurfing session with 6.2...
This is our Home spot!

venerdì 3 novembre 2017


Marin 56 ecrit:

"De superbes images du Triple Champion du Monde pour la discipline reine du Windsurf : Les vagues ! Une introduction - option Freestyle dans le Grand Sud de l'Île. La Vidéo chemine au gré d'un Trip Road WINDSURF de toute beauté, vers la Balagna et ses Spots magiques ! Il faut aussi dire que KAULI SEADI 
fut servi, on dira même gâté par les Îles - cousines de la Méditerranée : les Îles de Sardaigne et de Corse. En effet, il s'accordera une descente circonstanciée et ô combien gratifiante sur Capo Manno, la vague mythique de Capo Del Capo, si chère à Cesare CANTAGALLI, en Sardaigne.
Big Aerials et Wavesailing d'une pureté incroyable, concédera-t-il, de retour en Corse, une fois sur Ghjunchitu et Algaghjola, là où les vagues chantent et déroulent à merveille ! Nous adressons cette VIDEO à KAULI SEADI, avec son Accord, bien sûr, pour sa sympathie, sa gentillesse, 
les moments magnifiques qu'il nous fit partager. Un homme de très grand talent, un Feeling très impressionnant, enfin un style à part, le STYLE KAULI ! Avec lui, les vagues insulaires révèlent un réel potentiel ; les conditions étaient au rendez-vous, il prit les meilleurs créneaux !
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - KAULI - We hope you enjoy Wavesailing Forever, your stay with us and : perhaps, Will you come back here, as soon as possible, this winter ! Images " EMMILA " for CORSICA...GO56 // WINDSURF WEB SITE... Do you remember, these famous and real days - Punta, Ghjunchitu & Algaghjola ? 
Sur une Musique de THE AVENER / CELESTIAL BLUES - Accord du DJ depuis un Concert donné en Corse du Sud !"

lunedì 30 ottobre 2017

Foiling vs Windsurfing: one day in Andora with PWA WORLD CHAMPION.

A great day of windsurfing in Andora.
Is foiling the future of windsurfing? 
Probably two parallel but different worlds, foiling is rapidly evolving and is literally shaking up the world of sailing, but windsurfing will always be windsurfing!
...Quando per caso ti capita di condividere una sessione di slalom al fianco di alcuni talenti...

ITA 140 Matteo Iachino 
PWA World Champion Slalom 2016

ITA 111 Andrea Ferin 
Italian slalom champion 2017

ITA 95 Max Brunetti
11 Th YM IFCA europe championship 2016

Thank you guys for having shared a wonderful windsurfing day!”
Filming on board and visual editing:
Photo gallery:

lunedì 28 agosto 2017

Montecristo, at the end. A windsurfing trip into the Med.

credit sound: Portrayal, Blackwater.

"More than a dream, that was real.
It's an history about friendship, passion and windsurfing.
On the third day of the furious Mistral, after two combat sessions inside de choppy waters, the wind has finally dropped and the waves have come to the appointment.
Some frames are not enough to describe the moments I have been waiting for.
Thanks to good friend Marin 56 (who, from the pages of his blog, let us feel the essence of this fantastic sport in Corsica’s seas closer to us.) for sharing a memorable windsurf day!
...Ehy man !!!! yeahhh, what a glassy swell !!!!!! (And what a pasta Italie..:-) ).
At the end of journey it appeared to me a magnificent and fascinating creature, Montecristo.
Amazing island ..."
The search is endless...

Editing and concept: CattaZen
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Equipement: (sometimes big wave boards please!) CattaZen custom (103 kode starboard single fin relooked. Made in Torino.) and Atlas 6,2. Gun sail wave 5,7 and jp radikal quad 98 2017.

giovedì 13 luglio 2017

339, more than a number.

339, more than a number.
Hard days... good friends. Power of the Wind and Waves in one of the best place to... be Windsurfer.
Cold water (18 degrees!), le Grand bleu sous la planche, stunning light.I love it.
Once again the Transporter took us away...
Far away from an increasingly crazy and deprived world of masters that no longer works...
The origin of everything starts from these beautiful places full of contrasts . The wind and the waves teach you a lot, even to see your limits. LE Mistral, uninterruptedly day and night. Anxiety grows, but blood flows and adrenaline pushes you further.
Windsurfing days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aloha, CattaZen.
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Friends into the water:
Pier, Fred, Ale, Alessio and all the locals windsurfers of Carro and Jaii.

credit sound:
Dj lis / freshness (2017)

complete gallery::

giovedì 29 giugno 2017


Ehhhh si. Il team cattaZen al gran completo in quel di Albenga :) . Diciamo che a sto giro anche se ce ne fosse stato un pò meno (4,2 overpowered) forse forse io mi sarei divertito di più... ma non mi voglio lamentare...
Qualcun'altro ad Andora con la 3,7 si surfava barre hawaiane...
ps. le foto più belle le ho fatte io:) ah ah ah

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