sabato 9 gennaio 2021

Kode insane: the custom relooked project

My friends here we are. The New Cattazen Wave board are born (ex Starboard kode). Five, Four, Three, Two, Single fin box. 229 x 60,5 x 87 litres. This is the basis of the crazy project. Unique object, conceived and created at home during the dark days of 2020...
Insane. ...Waiting for the best times. Now I can take the freedom we deserve made of wind, sun and waves, fucking waves.
This is enough to make us happy. Tutto il resto è noia. Fuck everything!!

sabato 14 novembre 2020

Kode insane project...single-twin-thruster-quad


And now the hard part is over !!
Finally, now I can unleash my creativity by waiting for the big days!
colors? graphics? any suggestions ???
... be inspired.
Stay tuned