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2 years ago in vintilegna....and 10.500 plays..

Music by Peter Bergmann

"I had forgotten it. I knew I would find it again. It was waiting for me. Even for a single day.
Beautiful, mighty, unrestrained, majestic, furious.
The arrival of the Mistral is an event. Suddenly in the night, a strong and violent gust rocks my van. I wake up from a light sleep and a sudden rush of adrenalin runs down my spine. I don’t care if I won’t be able to fall asleep again, now I’m ready. The dawn is gorgeous, and its colors are the right ones: bright, vivid and intense as never before…Everything around me has changed, today will be the day I’ve been waiting for.
The light is vivid, the sea is amazing, the wind pushes strong and the door of my van is hard to open, on the horizon white monsters roar waiting for me, but I know they won’t hurt me, I will be there among them and will be part of their world. 
Excitement, also fear, envelope me. In the middle of the gulf the show is imposing, the wind roars and pushes me to the edge, up to the limit of control and beyond. I entered another dimension, others around me are (already) within, we are part of one family.
My 4.2 is at its limits, and also am I. I’m exhausted but happy.
On the reef, locals are writing another piece of history of this sport, their level is top-notch. One-handed back loops, forward loops, terrific high jumps and radical wave riding honor these real heroes and knights.
For me it was a fight, pushed to the limit in every regard, I'm dead tired but I was there (fighting) as never before.
This is the Mistral, the Wind we adore. This is the Corsica we always want to see and which we love."
Aloha, CattaZen.
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The report of that day is available here:
Marco T. Gianco M. and all the locals windsurfers of Vintilegna.
Board: custom wave goya 81 Sail: Severne Blade 4,2 (overpowered)
A special thanks goes to Marin56 who, from the pages of his blog, let us feel the essence of this fantastic sport in Corsica’s seas closer to us.
Check his video"Vague passion" on:
I also thank Wall-e for his precious and important translations and his critical sense, Otto Jan Willem for his enthusiasm and his willingness to believe in “impossible” ventures.
The last big thanks goes to Peter Bergmann for the soundtrack and for his inspirational music.

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