venerdì 5 febbraio 2016


"Waking Up Instrumental" Creative commons v. 2

"These are our spots.
I' m windsurfer. Needless to say. The wind is at the root of everything. What an epic, tough, and intensely lived day.
Difficult conditions for filming. Going out in the water looked tough, as well. Yet, my being there was necessary. Some remarkable footage, from the angles I like most, in my favorite places, conceived and imagined in windless moments. 
.A mission to accomplish, some great shots to take home. The Search goes on"

Complete gallery and windsurfing shots at :

11 gennaio 2016 Tempesta di Libeccio
 (thanks Wall-e for his precious and important translations)

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  1. Salute, CattaZeN ! Une bien belle Vidéo, des images qui nous ramènent au commencement : l'or de la Terre et le bleu de l'infini, de l'éternel qui se perpétuent ... Nous ne faisons que passer ; mais puissions - nous encore et toujours s'émerveiller de tant de beauté et, l'homme, trouver sa place, sa voie, sans ne plus rien détruire, en soignant le monde de ses blessures ! Qu'en pensez-vous, Internautes ?