mercoledì 8 febbraio 2017


My new windsurfing board: fanatic new wave 91 shaped by Sebastian Wenzel single fin relooked.Made in Torino.

"Winter tales. This is not a story that speaks only of windsurfing. That is especially a story of creativity and passion. There is no wind, it is winter, the pollution is fucking unbearable. Once the weather was better, it is a fact. My generation must be aware, but it's hard to breathe sometimes. I'm in abstinence. The wind is elsewhere. I prepare myself for better days, those made of sun and positive energy. Instinct requires preparation, in my hands I have a beautiful board. Not enough for me, I like the risk. I want to change that in themselves is perfect already. Once in the water I will be satisfied, as always. Now I want to dream of better times and listen to good music .."
Aloha, CattaZen.
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Filmed with the Sony alpha 77
Editing and concept: CattaZen
Acknowledgements. Luk for filming and MIRO for GREAT ANTISKID!

Sound: Portrayal-Struttgart-To the black sea
To the Black Sea by Portrayal is licensed under a Attribution License.

4 commenti:

  1. Bellissima Catta!
    E figo il video! Ti meriti mucho viento

  2. Grande Catta.....però come fai ad avere tutto sto tempo poi me lo spieghi!! ahaha

  3. Bravissimi!! complimenti anche per il video!