lunedì 21 luglio 2014

Tahiti Clear

Tahiti Clear from Kevin Pritchard on Vimeo.

Tahiti gets your heart pumping. I had been to Tahiti 4 times before. Sailed all over the island including Teahupoo. The island is amazing, the people show what the word Aloha should mean, but the water, being in this magical water is what sucks you in to this magical place.

Windsurfing at Teahupoo is something you can never understand. Watching these kids charge it without any fear inspires me like never before. Filming Camille drop in to a barreling mast high Teahupoo wave, set up and hit the lip over this wave is indescribable. His speed, timing, and commitment is unbelievable.

As I sat on the boat watching, filming, trying to grasp what was going on, the fear in me boiled as I waited for my turn. While we didn't have anyone to film when I went out, it was ok. It quickly made me realize how I wanted to show the images of Titun and Camille charging this place. Suddenly I wanted to swim in and capture more of the moment, more of the feeling, try to get the audience to feel and see the power of this place.

The first reason I ever picked up a video camera was to try and show the world what windsurfing was from the inside. To capture it like a windsurfer sees it. I hope this video makes you feel the passion of three guys traveling to one of the most epic windsurfing places on earth, shredding waves, taking turns, having fun, and being blessed with one of the most memorable windsurfing days of their career.

Music: ALT-J "Fitzpleasure"

venerdì 27 giugno 2014


"MIND OFF" from CattaZen on Vimeo.

"Sometimes windsurfing is the thing that gets your mind off everything else"

We have travelled many kilometers. Tiredness and fatigue sometimes are the demons to defeat.
Adrenaline cancels everything in a moment, in the water time assumes another dimension, there you find yourself.
Often, it is difficult to be in shape for the big days, your everyday work, lack of wind and the rhythms of an ordinary life, all get in the way. Everything has its own price, but it is always worth it. Bordighera astonishes. It’s a wind factory… 4.7 at first, 4.2, 3.7 then… Amazing. Intense. Furious. Absolute.
I hop back in my van, licking my wounds. My 4.2 left me. New friends on the beach, I always believe we are all of the same race.
In the dark someone is running, the lights turn on again, tomorrow everything will turn into a wonderful memory. Flowing is the road under the wheels, the night will grant us the deserved rest..

Music by We Plants Are Happy Plants
- Rainbow Collection- Blast From The Past - 9
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V.I.P. on the left! Matteo Iachino.

thanks Luk. x Photo:)
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